Project Description

Software Development Kit for e-Learning solutions using Adobe Connect Professional.

Part of e-learning solution, this component allows you to seamlessly integrate your applications with Adobe Connect infrastructure.
Product consist of SDK reference (.chm) manual, source code and sample application.

The core functionality includes: User Account management (Single Sign On), Meetings/Webinars and Reporting.

Fully managed code (C#), no external dependencies.

Version information

Version 1, developed for Adobe Connect version 6, targeting .Net framework 2.0 is available as open source via this web site.

Version 2, supporting Adobe Connect version 6 and up, targeting .Net framework 3.5 and 4.5 is closed source, and is available as Nuget package.


Quick start

API documentation (CHM format) and example app.config file are included in the package.

"Hello Connect" application, using the included communication provider implementation and configuration settings from app.config:

using System;
using AdobeConnectSDK;
using AdobeConnectSDK.Model;

public class HelloAdobeConnect
   static void Main(string[] args)
       AdobeConnectXmlAPI api = new AdobeConnectXmlAPI();
       LoginStatus status = api.Login();
       string sessionKey = status.SessionInfo;

Security / credentials

Account using the API, should be an Administrator or Meeting Host group member.
(reference: "Create Meeting" section of the Connect Web Services guide)


For testing purposes, the API can use custom implementation of ICommunicationProvider.

Example implementation of TestCommunicationProvider:

  using System;
  using AdobeConnectSDK.Interfaces;
  using AdobeConnectSDK.Model;

  internal class TestCommunicationProvider : ICommunicationProvider
    public ISdkSettings Settings { get; set; }

    public ApiStatus ProcessRequest(string pAction, string qParams)
      ApiStatus apiStatus = new ApiStatus();

      switch (pAction)
        case "login":
          apiStatus = StatusCodes.NoAccess.
          apiStatus.SessionInfo = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
// .....

API extensions

Recommended way to extend the API is to use extension methods.
This way new functionality can be grouped and separated from the core logic.

Conceptual test code for "GetAllMeetings", using extensions.

  using AdobeConnectSDK;
  using AdobeConnectSDK.Extensions;
  using AdobeConnectSDK.Model;

    public void GetAllMeetings()
      var result = this.Api.GetAllMeetings();
      Assert.AreEqual(7, result.Result.Count());

Feedback & Support

Please send your feedback or report bugs/issues by email.

Primary contact:

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